Concept Brief for App for Hotels

The App for Hotels concept is inspired by the on-going trend of convenient and value for money global hotel services, a service and corporate shop concept that can be marketed globally.

It's unbelievable that in an increasingly technological age, hotel guests must still use the phone to order food and services from their room and in a market, which is now moving to app's. App for Hotels provides a comprehensive integration with hotel services including golf and other outside activities, bar and restaurant, and EPOS software, and a luxury shop. Includes promotion of the bar and restaurant to non-staying customers. Orders and requests can be received by relevant Staff on a Tablet anywhere in the hotel. The Hotel Manager can receive details of delayed service responses.

Visitors to the lounge can install the app using your Wi-Fi.

They can then scan the QR Code at their table and start ordering food and drink from their mobile phone; orders can go to the bar or kitchen; lunch time bar menus and afternoon tea etc.

Staff will know the location or the order by the table number.

Our "Pay my Bill", function enables continued ordering and payment of the bill from their mobile phone.

The app includes staff response monitoring


As soon as a guest makes a request in App for Hotels, a member of the hotel staff is contacted be it in the kitchen/restaurant, housekeeping etc, the clock starts ticking.

The hotel can set time parameters for the completion of a job in their back-office. If a guest request is not fulfilled within the set timing, the request can be escalated to a higher Level. The relevant Supervisor is notified and can take action to complete the request. Your hotel can select, only, management statistics.

Staff will know they have to complete a task within an agreed time period or face an enquiry from their Supervisor; it may be there is a glitch in the system. Internal hotel problems could be identified and being rectified improve the hotel service.

We manage the App and your Hotel Shop


We will continually update App for Hotels to improve customer experience and enhance the ordering of Hotel services. Software updates are automatically uploaded to the Mobile Phone or Tablets.

We welcome feedback from your customers and hotel staff.

We are hospitality software developers and can quickly include updates.